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NYCU Office of Research and Development

NSTC Research Grant for University Students

  • Update Date:2023-12-20
  • Units:Office of Research and Development
University Student Research Program
  • Application Dates and Deadlines:As specified in official NSTC correspondence (usually from Jan. to Feb.)
  • Application procedure
    • Interested university students are invited to submit project proposals via the NSTC online application website.
    • The applicant’s affiliated department/institute is requested to confirm both his or her student identity and the program.
    • The principal investigator is requested to submit the Supervising Professor’s Preliminary Evaluation Form to the NSTC website.
    • The Division of Research Project compiles the list of applicants and their applications and forward them to NSTC for review.
    • Approximately three months after receiving the applications, NSTC will send an official response to NTU with a list of successful applications. The Division of Research Project  will notify the supervising professors of the successful applicants, who will execute their projects and submit payment requests to NSTC.